Mushrooms can be cooked in many different ways: raw, boiled, steamed, baked, or fried. It is useful that you use tips, which you can read below.


There are about 40,000 different species of mushrooms. So you must be very careful. Some mushrooms are highly toxic and can cause death. Poisonous mushrooms retain toxins which cant be destroyed with cooking, drying or freezing. So dont colect or cook poisonous mushrooms!


For food purposes we only use edible or conditionally edible mushrooms that must be cooked!


When the mushrooms are stored in a damp room, they are quickyl destroyed. Therefore, they are not stored in the refrigerator or in plastic bags. But they should be ripped in a paper napkin or cloth or textile This keeps the mushrooms fresh for up to 3 days.


Fresh mushrooms can be dried, frozen or pickled. When we cook mushrooms before freezing, then they should only cook for 1-2 minutes. Cold it in cold water and put in in the plastic bag and frost it!


Clean mushrooms and cut them just before use. Dispose of all old and worm-eaten mushrooms. If possible dont wash the mushrooms under water, junst brush them or wipe them with a wet cloth. Some mushrooms must be peeled (like hedgehog, puffball….)



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Conditionally edible mushrooms (like woodtuft, milkcap, boletus) should always be cooked before eating. To remove all the toxic and hazardous substances, pour water away.


If you need frozen mushrooms dont frost it to the end, just use them half frosted. Some already prepared mushrooms (such as fried mushrooms), fry them while they are still frozen. Thawed mushrooms should not be refrozen again.


Dried mushrooms (like morels, chanterelles) must be first soaking in water for 30-60 minutes Then dry them with paper towel and use them.


Cut parts of mushrooms can darken quickly in the air. When served raw mushrooms drop with lemon juice.


Never prepare mushrooms in an aluminum container, then it will have metal taste.


Some species of mushrooms (such as chanterelles, oyster mushrooms.) contain enough water for cooking and are slimy. Therefore, we roast them first.


We dont enjoy mushrooms too often or in large amounts. As a consequence of which they are difficult to digest, because of the specific cellular structure- so could remain for several hours or even all day in stomach. Mushrooms are not good for the elderly and children. Therefore, do not eat them more than twice a week.