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This page is for all nature lovers and lovers of mycology. We made this site very easy and transparent to view. It contains  descriptions of mushrooms, photos taken from different positions, microscopic spores images, and other data, which can be easily used to separate or locate individual mushroom by their characteristics. On this site there is presented mushroom classification list, which is divided into Ascomycotina, Basidiomycotina and Mycetozoa, later separates in class, then in subclass...... For easier search you have listed all list of mushrooms and mushroom list, which contains detailed descriptions and photos. Their is also found English list of mushrooms, protected mushrooms in Slovenia, currently growing mushrooms, list of edible mushrroms, recipes, mushroom added on your list..... By each description you can also find bibliography list, where you can find listed speciffic mushroom, recipes and all synoynmes, that's how you save time by searching them.

Search by characteristisch is easier becouse of the search parameters (typ of stem, hymenophore, spore print color, edibility, time of growth, near or on which tree it grows....)

Mushrooms with descriptons also have photos. Lot of photos contain also GPS coordinates, which show where the mushroom was found.

For lovers who like to cook there are also recipes.

To view the entire site you have to register. There are two levels for viewing this site. First levels is free, and shows only few species and descriptions. The second level is payable and you become a Gold user. For Gold user there is required to pay the annual membership which is 12 EUR, for one year. If you want to pay for three years, we  donate you one year for free, therefore you pay for three years 24 EUR. Gold user has acces to all information on this site. As gold user you can add your own bookmarks and photos. You also decide if you want to share them by other users, or are they only for you. With turned GPS you can add you own photos with exact location.

Also available are apps for Iphones, Ipads, and Phones and Pads supported with Android system. You find them in iTunes and Google market. Mobile app is in slovene, english and german language. It is identical with internet site. It contains a full list of all mushrooms and mushrooms list with photographs and descriptions. Pictures also include GPS coordinates. You can also add your own bookmarks and images.

For suggestions and questions please write to us on fungi@gobice.com Your suggestions and requests will be considered.