In our lives we accept many tasks, but just few of them take us over. Fungi have taken me over already in my early years. From first baskets which I proudly layed down on home table, my love for fungi developed and growed with me. In more than twenty years of intensive research of fungi, I have taken with camera over a hundred thousand photos of them. Now I want to share my knowledge with all of you, mushroom lovers, and invite you to participate in creation of this web site.


At the beginning I was picking fungi for my own relaxation, because I have found my internal peace in nature. Soon I became a member of association Gobarsko društvo Lisička Maribor and Gobarsko društvo Ilirska Bistrica. Later I became president of determination commision in Mycologic association of Slovenia. Soon I have found more interest in fungi. I started to explore them, photograph them, and started to make microscoped and documented data. I participated mycologic camps. I also organized several meetings with lectures on mycology and macroscopic identification of fungi. The American mycologists which I have met at NEMF (The Northeast Mycological Federation) have made a strong impression on me: Sam Ristič, Garry H. Lincoff and others. I came back from USA full of energy and enthusiasm and have dedicated myself to fungi research even more intensively.
From America I came back full of energy and enthusiasm. Even more intense I dedicated to the exploration of mushrooms. I work with world-renowned mikologyst Pierre Rouxom and Vladimir Antonin, and also many other Mycologists from around the world, also I attends various mycological meetings.

Already in 90th years, when they came to market, I use proffesional fotografic Nikon equipment. I have also started to use Olympus microscope which provide computer processing of microscopic characteristics of spores, basidium, hyphae etc. measurement.


All data from years of research I archived in computer form. I want to share them with all fungi lovers and retain them for our descendants. My wish is that website becomes the main page for all fungi details, since it's database and capacity provide us excellent source of knowledge. Fungi lovers, come, let's collaborate and together create the best fungi website, lets research and aware the people together.


Zlatko Ivec