XXIII Meeting of the European confederation of Mediterranean Mycology - CEMM 2015, Portugal

08. November 2015 / Zlatko I.

XV Congress mycologists in Jaca 2014, Spain

11. Oktober 2014 / Zlatko I.

Meeting mikologist in Gresse-en-Vercors 2014, France

06. Oktober 2014 / Zlatko I.

We were visited by students of pharmacy from the University of Grenoble

XIX. Mycological Journees of Sainte Sigolene has Alleyras 2014

02. Oktober 2014 / Zlatko I.

International Russulales Workshop 2014

08. September 2014 / Zlatko I.

Pierre Roux visit me in Slovenia

03. September 2014 / Zlatko I.

16. Meeting mykologist for myxomicete Embrun 2014, France

04. Maj 2014 / Zlatko I.

L’Association Mycologique de la Haute Vallée d’Olt (A.M.H.V.O.) et la Fédération Mycologique et Botanique Dauphiné-Savoie (F.M.B.D.S.)

Visiting the museum mushrooms in the Roman Božac in Zagreb

28. Februar 2014 / Zlatko I.

Microscopy C.E.M.M. 2013

05. November 2013 / Zlatko I.

After each mushroom search it followed microscopy and determination. Everyone are helping and advising their thoughts. They all have different equipment for data and photo archiving.

Aroyo Frio C.E.M.M. 2013

04. November 2013 / Zlatko I.

We were divided into several groups.

Congress C.E.M.M. 2013 Aroyo Frio

03. November 2013 / Zlatko I.

Pierre Roux and I attended the mycological congress in the Arroyo Frio in Spain. It was over 150 participants. They came from all over Europe. We were divided into several groups. Pierre and I were in the red group. Every morning we searched and picked mushrooms, in the afternoon we microscoped and determinate them. Every evening were organized various lectures. It was very educational. I intend to attend more of this cogresses. In 2014 congress is in Corsica.

Picking mushrooms and determination on Mount Sainte Baume, France

31. Oktober 2013 / Zlatko I.

My friend Pierre Roux organized for me picking and determination of mushrooms on Mount Sainte Baume. I must admit that the French Mycologists welcomed me very well. Despite of my lack of french language we communicated very well. We have picked and photographed several types of mushrooms. Some of them do not grow in Slovenia. Didier Borgarino presented me his book.

I would like to thank them for their warm welcome and a pleasant stay. Maybe we'll meet in 2014 in Slovenia.

Porquerolles paradise for mushrooms

30. Oktober 2013 / Zlatko I.

Pierre Roux and me explored the island of Porquerolles and searched for mushrooms. This island is a paradise for mushrooms and is located in the south of France. On the island itself it is prohibited for all driving vehicles on fuel. Allowed are only electric vehicles, but even they are limited. On the island is also prohibited using any fire and also cigarettes.
We found some very interesting mushrooms. Despite not exactly high temperatures Pierre still bathed in the sea.


The exhibition mushrooms 2013 Gorje

26. September 2013 / Zlatko I.

Visit by Pierre Roux

27. Avgust 2013 / Zlatko I.

Today I visited the world famous mycologist Pierre Roux. We discussed various matters of mycology. For continued collaboration he agreed to visit me in Slovenia in october. I was also invited to work mycological congress for 14 days which will be in november in Spain.

Thank you for the nice time and the invitation Pierre

Rogla 2013

24. Avgust 2013 / Zlatko I.

14th international meeting of mushroom hunters in Rogla. Mushroom picking an mushroom exhibition.

Pokljuka 2013

23. Avgust 2013 / Zlatko I.

Mushroom days in Pokljuka. Exhibition of mushrooms and also some lectures.

Added list of trees and plants

21. Avgust 2013 / Zlatko I.

Added list of trees and plants bound to mushrooms as a saprophytes or mycorrhiza. For easier recognition are also added fotos. http://www.gobice.com/?action=trees

New application on Google Play Market

31. Julij 2013 / Zlatko I.

We announce a new version of a application for phones and tablets on the Android platform.It contains 7264 mushroom records, 100.000 synonymes coherent with Index Fungorum and Species Fungorum (june 2013), over 2000 mushroom descriptions and 608 mushroom descriptions with over 3000 photos from different positions and microscopic images of spores. Application is permanently growing, improving and refreshing. It will help you by finding or separating mushrooms from another, and it allows various searching characteristics as well as quick search. Each mushroom contains the literature where it can be found, latin name, synonymes, months of growth and search characteristics under which the mushroom can be found. Application also allows you to add and have own bookmarks and also adding own images. Images which include GPS coordinates are automatically recognised and are add to the mushroom. It allows users a very simple review of finding locations for each mushroom. Own bookmarks and coordinates are not public. Application is presented in video format on the www.gobice.com. Soon there will also be available application for iPhones and iPads.

Visit by mycologist Vladimir Antonin in Brno in Czech Republic

09. Maj 2013 / Zlatko I.

09.05.2013 we visited myclogist Mr. Vladimir Antonin in Moravian Museum in Brno. Mr. Antonin is also a member in research activities in systematics and taxonomy of collybioid and marasmioid genera and some other white-spored fungi. He is also a member in the mushroom consultant center. The department of botany is each monday and tuesday open for the public, where you can get help by the mushroom determination. The meeting was in a pleasant atmosphere and we shared some good information and also agreed about our future cooperation. In front of the office of Mr. Antonin you can also view the permanent exhibition of 180 mushroom wood models.The Wooden mushroom models are really unique and look like real mushrooms. We really recomend to visit the moravian museum as it covers fifteen specialised and several service departments.

Mushroom mycological society Lisička Maribor- Mushroom exhibition 04.05.2013

04. Maj 2013 / Zlatko I.

Mushroom mycological society Lisička Maribor was exhibiting around 120 mushroom species in Mercator center Maribor.

Smrčkarijada 2013 Čakovec

20. April 2013 / Zlatko I.

Ordered genus Ramaria

18. December 2012 / Zlatko I.

Mushrooms Society of Gorje

05. Oktober 2012 / Zlatko I.

This was probably one of the largest exhibitions in Slovenia by the number of mushrooms on display. Exhibit are about 600 different types of freshly picked mushrooms from their area. Visitors were very much in beautifully landscaped showroom. Interestingly, they also had parking for vehicles of visitors. Congratulations!
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My first book GOBE 1

24. Maj 2012 / Zlatko I.


06. April 2012 / Zlatko I.

On Amazon we published 6 e-books about mushrooms.

Mycological meeting Idrija 2011

28. Oktober 2011 / Zlatko I.