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List of Mushrooms

All mushrooms from the group: Sordariatideae (75)

Amphiporthe leiphaemia (Fr.) Butin 1980


Annulohypoxylon cohaerens (Pers.) Y.M. Ju, J.D. Rogers & H.M. Hsieh 2005


Annulohypoxylon multiforme (Fr.) Y.M. Ju, J.D. Rogers & H.M. Hsieh 2005


Anthostoma cubiculare (Fr.) Nitschke 1867


Anthostoma decipiens (DC.) Nitschke 1867


Bertia moriformis (Tode) De Not. 1844

Wood Mulberry 

Biscogniauxia mediterranea (De Not.) Kuntze 1891


Biscogniauxia nummularia (Bull.) Kuntze 1891

Beech Tarcrust 

Claviceps purpurea (Fr.) Tul. 1853


Cordyceps militaris (L.) Link 1833

Scarlet Caterpillar Fungus 

Cryptosporella corylina (Tul. & C. Tul.) L.C. Mejía & Castl. 2008


Daldinia concentrica (Bolton) Ces. & De Not. 1863

Carbon Balls 

Dialonectria episphaeria (Tode) Cooke 1884


Diaporthe alnea Fuckel 1870


Diaporthe pustulata (Desm.) Sacc. 1882


Diaporthe strumella (Fr.) Fuckel 1870


Diatrype bullata (Hoffm.) Fr. 1849

Willow Barkspot 

Diatrype disciformis (Hoffm.) Fr. 1849

Beech Bark Spot 

Diatrype stigma (Hoffm.) Fr. 1849

Common Tarcrust 

Diatrypella favacea (Fr.) Ces. & De Not. 1863


Diatrypella quercina (Pers.) Cooke 1866


Elaphocordyceps capitata (Holmsk.) G.H. Sung, J.M. Sung & Spatafora 2007

Headlike Cordyceps 

Elaphocordyceps ophioglossoides (Ehrh.) G.H. Sung, J.M. Sung & Spatafora 2007

Goldenthread Cordyceps 

Epichloë typhina (Pers.) Tul. & C. Tul. 1865


Euepixylon udum (Pers.) Læssøe & Spooner 1994


Eutypa flavovirens (Pers.) Tul. & C. Tul. 1863


Eutypa maura (Fr.) Sacc. 1882


Eutypa scabrosa (Bull.) Auersw. 1868


Eutypella alnifraga (Wahlenb.) Sacc. 1882


Eutypella quaternata (Pers.) Rappaz 1987


Gibberella baccata (Wallr.) Sacc. 1878


Gnomonia cerastis (Riess) Ces. & De Not. 1863


Hypocrea citrina (Pers.) Fr. 1849


Hypocrea gelatinosa (Tode) Fr. 1849


Hypocrea pulvinata Fuckel 1870

Ochre Cushion 

Hypocrea sulphurea (Schwein.) Sacc. 1883


Hypocreopsis lichenoides (Tode) Seaver 1910


Hypomyces aurantius (Pers.) Fuckel 1860


Hypomyces viridis P. Karst. 1873


Hypoxylon cercidicola (Berk. & M.A. Curtis ex Peck) Y.M. Ju & J.D. Rogers 1996


Hypoxylon ferrugineum G.H. Otth 1869


Hypoxylon fragiforme (Pers.) J. Kickx f. 1835

Beech Woodwart 

Hypoxylon fuscum (Pers.) Fr. 1849

Hazel Woodwart 

Hypoxylon howeanum Peck 1871


Hypoxylon rubiginosum (Pers.) Fr. 1849

Rusty Woodwart 

Kretzschmaria deusta (Hoffm.) P.M.D. Martin 1970

Carbon Cushion 

Lasiosphaeria ovina (Pers.) Ces. & De Not. 1863

Lawyers Wig 

Lasiosphaeria strigosa (Alb. & Schwein.) Sacc. 1883


Melogramma campylosporum Fr. 1849


Melogramma spiniferum (Wallr.) De Not. 1863


Nectria cinnabarina (Tode) Fr. 1849

Coral Spot 

Nectria purtonii (Grev.) Berk. 1860


Nemania serpens (Pers.) Gray 1821


Neobarya parasitica (Fuckel) Lowen 1986


Neonectria coccinea (Pers.) Rossman & Samuels 1999


Neonectria fuckeliana (C. Booth) Castl. & Rossman 2006


Neonectria galligena (Bres.) Rossman & Samuels 1999


Neonectria punicea (J.C. Schmidt) Castl. & Rossman 2006


Ophiocordyceps gracilis (Grev.) G.H. Sung, J.M. Sung, Hywel-Jones & Spatafora 2007


Ophiocordyceps sphecocephala (Klotzsch ex Berk.) G.H. Sung, J.M. Sung, Hywel-Jones & Spatafora 2007


Pleonectria coryli (Fuckel) Hirooka, Rossman & P. Chaverri 2012


Prosthecium platanoidis (Pers.) M.E. Barr 1978


Protocrea farinosa (Berk. & Broome) Petch 1937


Rosellinia thelena (Fr.) Rabenh. 1865


Ruzenia spermoides (Hoffm.) O. Hilber ex A.N. Mill. & Huhndorf 2004


Schizothecium conicum (Fuckel) N. Lundq. 1972


Strattonia carbonaria (W. Phillips & Plowr.) N. Lundq. 1972


Trichoderma alutaceum Jaklitsch 2011


Trichoderma viride Pers. 1794


Valsa nivea (Hoffm.) Fr. 1849


Xylaria carpophila (Pers.) Fr. 1849

Beechmast Candlesnuff 

Xylaria filiformis (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr. 1849


Xylaria hypoxylon (L.) Grev. 1824

Candlesnuff fungus 

Xylaria longipes Nitschke 1867

Dead Molls Fingers 

Xylaria polymorpha (Pers.) Grev. 1824

Dead Mans Fingers 

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