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List of Mushrooms

All mushrooms from the group: Russulales (145)

Albatrellus cristatus (Schaeff.) Kotl. & Pouzar 1957

Crested Polypore 

Albatrellus ellisii (Berk.) Pouzar 1966

Scaly Yellow Polypore 

Albatrellus flettii Morse ex Pouzar 1972

Fletts Polypore 

Albatrellus ovinus (Schaeff.) Kotl. & Pouzar 1957

Sheep Polypore 

Aleurodiscus oakesii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Pat. 1875

Hophornbeam Disc 

Artomyces pyxidatus (Pers.) Jülich 1982

Crown Coral  

Auriscalpium vulgare Gray 1821

Ear Pick Fungus 

Bondarzewia berkeleyi (Fr.) Bondartsev & Singer 1941

Berkeleys Polypore 

Bondarzewia mesenterica (Schaeff.) Kreisel 1984

Gelatinous Pored Polypore 

Hericium cirrhatum (Pers.) Nikol. 1950

Tiered Tooth  

Hericium coralloides (Scop.) Pers. 1794

Coral Tooth  

Hericium erinaceus (Bull.) Pers. 1797

Bearded Tooth  

Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. 1889

Conifer Base Polypore 

Jahnoporus hirtus (Cooke) Nuss 1980

Bitter Iodine Polypore 

Lactarius acerrimus Britzelm. 1893

Two Spored Milkcap 

Lactarius aurantiacus (Pers.) Gray 1821

Orange Milkcap 

Lactarius blennius (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Slimy Milkcap 

Lactarius camphoratus (Bull.) Fr. 1838

Curry Scented Milkcap 

Lactarius chrysorrheus Fr. 1838

Yellowdrop Milkcap 

Lactarius circellatus Fr. 1838

Fiery Milkcap 

Lactarius deliciosus (L.) Gray 1821

Saffron Milkcap 

Lactarius deterrimus Gröger 1968

False Saffron Milkcap 

Lactarius fuliginosus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Sooty Milkcap 

Lactarius fulvissimus Romagn. 1954

Tawny Milkcap 

Lactarius glyciosmus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Coconut Scented Milkcap 

Lactarius helvus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Fenugreek Milkcap 

Lactarius hepaticus Plowr. 1905

Liver Milkcap 

Lactarius lignyotus Fr. 1857

Velvet Milkcap 

Lactarius lilacinus (Lasch) Fr. 1838

Lilac Milkcap 

Lactarius luridus (Pers.) Gray 1821

Lurid Milkcap 

Lactarius mairei Malençon 1939

Whiskery Milkcap 

Lactarius musteus Fr. 1838

Pine Milkcap 

Lactarius necator (Bull.) Pers. 1796

Ugly Milkcap 

Lactarius obscuratus (Lasch) Fr. 1838

Alder Milkcap 

Lactarius pallidus Pers. 1797

Pale Milkcap 

Lactarius piperatus (L.) Pers. 1797

Peppery Milkcap 

Lactarius porninsis Rolland 1889

Larch Milkcap 

Lactarius pubescens (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Bearded Milkcap 

Lactarius pyrogalus (Bull.) Fr. 1838

Fiery Milkcap 

Lactarius quietus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Oak Milkcap 

Lactarius repraesentaneus Britzelm. 1885

Yellow Bearded Milkcap 

Lactarius resimus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Rollrim Milkcap 

Lactarius rufus (Scop.) Fr. 1838

Rufous Milkcap 

Lactarius salicis-reticulatae Kühner 1975

Mountain Milkcap 

Lactarius sanguifluus (Paulet) Fr. 1838

Bloody Milkcap 

Lactarius scoticus Berk. & Broome 1879

Hoary Milkcap 

Lactarius serifluus (DC.) Fr. 1838

Watery Milkcap 

Lactarius spinosulus Quél. & Le Bret. 1880

Lilacscale Milkcap 

Lactarius subdulcis (Pers.) Gray 1821

Mild Milkcap 

Lactarius tabidus Fr. 1838

Birch Milkcap 

Lactarius torminosus (Schaeff.) Gray 1821

Woolly Milkcap 

Lactarius turpis (Weinm.) Fr. 1838

Ugly Milk-Cap 

Lactarius vellereus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Fleecy Milkcap 

Lactarius vietus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Grey Milkcap 

Lactarius volemus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Fishy Milkcap 

Laxitextum bicolor (Pers.) Lentz 1956

Two Tone Parchment 

Lentinellus cochleatus (Pers.) P. Karst. 1879

Aniseed Cockleshell 

Lentinellus ursinus (Fr.) Kühner 1926

Bear Lentinus 

Neoalbatrellus caeruleoporus (Peck) Audet 2010

Blue Pored Polypore 

Peniophora incarnata (Pers.) P. Karst. 1889

Rosy Crust 

Peniophora rufa (Fr.) Boidin 1958

Red Tree Brain 

Russula acetolens Rauschert 1989

Vinegar Brittlegill 

Russula adusta (Pers.) Fr. 1838

Winecork Brittlegill 

Russula aeruginea Lindbl. ex Fr. 1863

Green Brittlegill 

Russula albonigra (Krombh.) Fr. 1874

Blackening Russula 

Russula amoenolens Romagn. 1952

Camembert Brittlegill 

Russula aquosa Leclair 1932

Red Swamp Brittlegill 

Russula atropurpurea (Krombh.) Britzelm. 1893

Blackish Purple Russula 

Russula aurantiaca (Schaeff.) Romagn. 1967

Orange Brittlegill 

Russula aurea Pers. 1796

Gilded Brittlegill 

Russula aurora (Krombh.) Bres. 1892

Dawn Brittlegill 

Russula badia Quél. 1881

Burning Brittlegill 

Russula betularum Hora 1960

Birch Brittlegill 

Russula brevipes Peck 1890

Short-stem White Russula 

Russula caerulea (Pers.) Fr. 1838

Humpback Brittlegill 

Russula cessans A. Pearson 1950

Tardy Brittlegill 

Russula chloroides (Krombh.) Bres. 1900

Blue Band Brittlegill 

Russula claroflava Grove 1888

Yellow Swamp Brittlegill 

Russula cremeoavellanea Singer 1936

Cream Brittlegill 

Russula cyanoxantha (Schaeff.) Fr. 1863

Charcoal Burner 

Russula decolorans (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Copper Brittlegill 

Russula delica Fr. 1838

Milk White Russula 

Russula densifolia Secr. ex Gillet 1876

Crowded Brittlegill 

Russula earlei Peck 1903

The Beeswax Russula 

Russula emetica (Schaeff.) Pers. 1796

The Sickener 

Russula exalbicans (Pers.) Melzer & Zvára 1927

Bleached Brittlegill 

Russula fellea (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Geranium Scented Russula 

Russula foetens (Pers.) Pers. 1796

Stinking Brittlegill 

Russula font-queri Singer ex Singer 1947

Beautiful Brittlegill 

Russula fragilis Fr. 1838

Fragile Brittlegill 

Russula fusconigra M.M. Moser 1978

Dark Brittlegill 

Russula gracillima Jul. Schäff. 1931

Slender Brittlegill 

Russula grata Britzelm. 1898

Bitter Almond Brittlegill 

Russula heterophylla (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Greasy Green Brittlegill 

Russula illota Romagn. 1954

Freckled Brittlegill 

Russula integra (L.) Fr 1838

Nutty Brittlegill 

Russula intermedia P. Karst. 1888

Intermediate Brittlegill 

Russula ionochlora Romagn. 1952

Oilslick Brittlegill 

Russula laccata Huijsman 1955

Willow Brittlegill 

Russula lilacea Quél. 1876

Lilac Brittlegill 

Russula melzeri Zvára 1927

Scurfy Brittlegill 

Russula minutula Velen. 1920

Minute Brittlegill 

Russula mustelina Fr. 1838

Russet Brittlegill 

Russula nana Killerm. 1936

Alpine Brittlegill 

Russula nigricans Fr. 1838

Blackening Brittlegill 

Russula nitida (Pers.) Fr. 1838

Purple Swamp Brittlegill 

Russula nobilis Velen. 1920

Beechwood Sickener 

Russula ochroleuca (Pers.) Fr. 1838

Common Yellow Russula 

Russula olivacea (Schaeff.) Fr. 1838

Olive Brittlegill 

Russula parazurea Jul. Schäff. 1931

Powdery Brittlegill 

Russula pelargonia Niolle 1941

Pelargonium Brittlegill 

Russula placita Burl. 1936

Pleasing Russula 

Russula pseudointegra Arnould & Goris 1907

Scarlet Brittlegill 

Russula puellaris Fr. 1838

Yellowing Brittlegill 

Russula queletii Fr. 1872

Fruity Brittlegill 

Russula raoultii Quél. 1886

Pallid Brittlegill 

Russula risigallina (Batsch) Sacc. 1915

Golden Brittlegill 

Russula rosea Pers. 1796

Rosy Brittlegill 

Russula rutila Romagn. 1952

Ruddy Brittlegill 

Russula sanguinaria (Schumach.) Rauschert 1989

Bloody Brittlegill 

Russula sardonia Fr. 1838

Primrose Brittlegill 

Russula scotica A. Pearson 1939

Scottish Brittlegill 

Russula sericeonitens Kauffman 1909

The silky-shining Russula 

Russula solaris Ferd. & Winge 1924

Sunny Brittlegill 

Russula sororia Fr. 1838

Sepia Brittlegill 

Russula velenovskyi Melzer & Zvára 1927

Coral Brittlegill 

Russula versicolor Jul. Schäff. 1931

Variable Brittlegill 

Russula vesca Fr. 1836

Bare Toothed Russula 

Russula vinosa Lindblad 1901

Darkening Brittlegill 

Russula vinosobrunnea (Bres.) Romagn. 1967

Naked Brittlegill 

Russula violeipes Quél. 1898

Velvet Brittlegill 

Russula virescens (Schaeff.) Fr. 1836

Greencracked Brittlegill 

Russula viscida Kudrna 1928

Viscid Brittlegill 

Russula xerampelina (Schaeff.) Fr. 1838

Crab Brittlegill 

Scutiger pes-caprae (Pers.) Bondartsev & Singer 1941

Goats Foot 

Scytinostroma portentosum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Donk 1956

Mothball Crust 

Stephanospora caroticolor (Berk.) Pat. 1914

Carroty False Truffle 

Stereum gausapatum (Fr.) Fr. 1874

Bleeding Oak Crust 

Stereum hirsutum (Willd.) Pers. 1800

Hairy Parchment 

Stereum ostrea (Blume & T. Nees) Fr. 1838

Golden Curtain Crust 

Stereum rameale (Schwein.) Burt 1920

Crowded Parchment 

Stereum rugosum Pers. 1794

Bleeding Broadleaf Crust 

Stereum sanguinolentum (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr. 1838

Bleeding Conifer Parchment 

Stereum subtomentosum Pouzar 1964

Yellowing Curtain Crust 

Xylobolus frustulatus (Pers.) Boidin 1958

Stalked Stereum 

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