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List of Mushrooms

All mushrooms from the group: Fragilipedes (33)

Mycena abramsii (Murrill) Murrill 1916


Mycena aetites (Fr.) Quél. 1872

Drab Bonnet 

Mycena albidorosea Robich 2003


Mycena algeriensis Maire 1938


Mycena alnetorum J. Favre 1957


Mycena aronsenii Maas Geest. 1993


Mycena atrovinosa Robich 2003


Mycena citrinomarginata Gillet 1876


Mycena fragillima A.H. Sm. 1939


Mycena fuligineipapillata Robich 2003


Mycena laevigata (Lasch) Gillet 1876


Mycena leptocephala (Pers.) Gillet 1876

Nitrous Bonnet 

Mycena maurella Robich 1992


Mycena niveipes (Murrill) Murrill 1916


Mycena overholtsii A.H. Sm. & Solheim 1953


Mycena parca Aronsen 1994


Mycena phaeophylla Kühner 1938


Mycena pilosella Maas Geest. 1988


Mycena pilosella var. heterocystidiosa Robich 2000


Mycena polygramma (Bull.) Gray 1821

Grooved Bonnet 

Mycena pseudoinclinata A.H. Sm. 1947


Mycena scirpicola M. Villarreal, Heykoop, Esteve-Rav. & Maas Geest. 1998


Mycena silvae-nigrae Maas Geest. & Schwöbel 1987


Mycena simia Kühner 1958


Mycena stipata Maas Geest. & Schwöbel 1987


Mycena strobilicola J. Favre & Kühner 1938


Mycena subcana A.H. Sm. 1947


Mycena ustalis Aronsen & Maas Geest. 1989


Mycena valida Maas Geest. & Münzmay 1997


Mycena villicaulis Maas Geest. 1988


Mycena viridimarginata P. Karst. 1892

Olive Edge Bonnet 

Mycena vitilis (Fr.) Quél. 1872

Snapping Bonnet 

Mycena zephirus (Fr.) P. Kumm. 1871


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