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List of Mushrooms

All mushrooms from the group: Lyophyllaceae (67)

Asterophora lycoperdoides (Bull.) Ditmar 1809

Powdery Piggyback 

Asterophora parasitica (Bull. ex Pers.) Singer 1951

Silky Piggyback 

Calocybe gambosa (Fr.) Donk 1962

Saint Georges Mushroom 

Calocybe indica Purkay. & A. Chandra 1974

Milky mushroom 

Calocybe juncicola (R. Heim) Singer 1962


Calocybe naucoria (Murrill) Singer 1962


Hypsizygus marmoreus (Peck) H.E. Bigelow 1976

White Shimeji mushroom, White Beech Mushrooms or Bunapi 

Hypsizygus tessulatus (Bull.) Singer 1945

Beech Mushroom 

Hypsizygus ulmarius (Bull.) Redhead 1984

Elm Leech 

Lyophyllum admissum (Britzelm.) Consiglio & Contu 2001


Lyophyllum aemiliae Consiglio 1998


Lyophyllum amariusculum Clémençon 1982


Lyophyllum amygdalosporum Kalamees 1986


Lyophyllum brunneo-ochrascens E. Ludw. 2001


Lyophyllum buxeum (Maire) Singer 1943


Lyophyllum capniocephalum (Bull.) Kühner 1938


Lyophyllum connatum (Schumach.) Singer 1939

White Domecap 

Lyophyllum conocephalum (P. Karst.) Clémençon 1981


Lyophyllum coracinum (Fr.) Singer 1943


Lyophyllum decastes (Fr.) Singer 1951

Chicken Mushroom 

Lyophyllum deliberatum (Britzelm.) Kreisel 1984


Lyophyllum erosum (Fr.) M. Lange 1955


Lyophyllum eucalypticum (A. Pearson) M.M. Moser 1986


Lyophyllum eustygium (Cooke) Clémençon 1982


Lyophyllum favrei (R. Haller Aar. & R. Haller Suhr) R. Haller Aar. & R. Haller Suhr 1950


Lyophyllum fumosum (Pers.) P.D. Orton 1960


Lyophyllum gangraenosum (Fr.) Gulden 1991

Smoky Domecap 

Lyophyllum hypoxanthum Joss. & Riousset 1975


Lyophyllum hypoxanthum var. occidentale (Bon) Contu & La Rocca 1999


Lyophyllum immundum (Berk.) Kühner 1938


Lyophyllum infumatum (Bres.) Kühner 1938


Lyophyllum konradianum (Maire) Kühner & Romagn. 1953


Lyophyllum leucophaeatum (P. Karst.) P. Karst. 1881


Lyophyllum loricatum (Fr.) Kühner ex Kalamees 1994


Lyophyllum macrosporum Singer 1943


Lyophyllum ochraceum (R. Haller Aar.) Schwöbel & Reutter 1969


Lyophyllum paelochroum Clémençon 1982


Lyophyllum rhopalopodium Clémençon 1982


Lyophyllum semitale (Fr.) Kühner 1938


Lyophyllum serius Romagn. 1987


Lyophyllum transforme (Britzelm.) Singer 1943


Ossicaulis lachnopus (Fr .) Contu 1999


Ossicaulis lignatilis (Pers.) Redhead & Ginns 1985

Mealy Oyster 

Sphagnurus paluster (Peck) Redhead & V. Hofst. 2014

Sphagnum Greyling  

Tephrocybe ambusta (Fr.) Donk 1962


Tephrocybe anthracophila (Lasch) P.D. Orton 1969


Tephrocybe atrata (Fr.) Donk 1962


Tephrocybe baeosperma (Romagn.) M.M. Moser 1978


Tephrocybe boudieri (Kühner & Romagn.) Derbsch 1977


Tephrocybe cessans (P. Karst.) M.M. Moser 1967


Tephrocybe confusa (PD Orton) PD Orton 1969


Tephrocybe fusispora (Hora) M.M. Moser 1967


Tephrocybe graminicola Bon 1976


Tephrocybe impexa (P. Karst.) M.M. Moser 1967


Tephrocybe inolens (Fr.) M.M. Moser 1967


Tephrocybe langei (Singer ex Hora) Raithelh. 1992


Tephrocybe mephitica (Fr.) M.M. Moser 1967


Tephrocybe murina (Batsch) M.M. Moser 1967


Tephrocybe mutabilis J. Favre ex M.M. Moser 1967


Tephrocybe oldae Svrček 1972


Tephrocybe osmophora (E.-J. Gilbert) Bon 1998

Sweet Greyling 

Tephrocybe platypus (Kühner) M.M. Moser 1967


Tephrocybe putida (Fr.) M.M. Moser 1967


Tephrocybe rancida (Fr.) Donk 1962

Rancid Greyling  

Tephrocybe striipilea (Fr.) Donk 1962


Tephrocybe tylicolor (Fr.) M.M. Moser 1978


Termitomyces le-testui (Pat.) R. Heim 1942


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