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List of Mushrooms

All mushrooms from the group: Amanita (25)

Amanita abietum E.-J. Gilbert 1929


Amanita bresadolana Neville & Poumarat 2004

Bresadolas Ashen Amanita 

Amanita brunneoconulus Bas & Gröger 1982

Falsely Saccate Amanita 

Amanita caesarea (Scop.: Fr.) Pers. 1801

Caesars Mushhroom 

Amanita caesarea f. alba (Gillet 1874) Gilbert 1918


Amanita caesareoides Vassileva 1950

Asian Vermilion Slender Caesar 

Amanita coryli Neville & Poumarat 2009

Hazel Ringless Amanita 

Amanita eliae Quél. 1872

Elias Amanita 

Amanita fulvoides Neville & Poumarat 2009


Amanita gemmata (Fr.) Bertill. 1866

Jewelled Amanita 

Amanita gioiosa S. Curreli 1991

Pebbly Soil Amanita 

Amanita heterochroma S. Curreli 1992

Currelis Variable Amanita 

Amanita lactea Malençon, Romagn. & D.A. Reid 1968

Milkwhite False Caesar 

Amanita mairei Foley 1949

Rene Maire's Ringless Amanita 

Amanita mortenii Knudsen & T. Borgen 1987

Morten Lange's Ringless Amanita 

Amanita muscaria (L.) Lam. 1783

Fly Agaric 

Amanita muscaria var. aureola Kalchbr. 1873


Amanita muscaria var. formosa (Pers.) Bertill. 1866

Yellow Orange Fly Agaric 

Amanita muscaria var. inzengae Neville & Poumarat 2002

Inzengas Fly Agaric 

Amanita olivaceogrisea Kalamees 1986


Amanita pantherina (DC.) Krombh. 1846

Panther Cap 

Amanita pini Neville & Poumarat 2007


Amanita pseudoregalis Pluvinage 1991


Amanita regalis (Fr.) Michael 1904

Brown Fly Agaric  

Amanita spreta (Peck) Sacc. 1887

Hated Amanita 

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