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List of Mushrooms

All mushrooms from the group: Agrocybe (20)

Agrocybe arvalis (Fr.) Singer 1936


Agrocybe brunneola (Fr.) Bon 1980


Agrocybe dura (Bolton) Singer 1936


Agrocybe elatella (P. Karst.) Vesterh. 1989


Agrocybe firma (Peck) Singer 1940


Agrocybe molesta (Lasch) Singer 1978

Bearded Fieldcap 

Agrocybe ochracea Nauta 2004


Agrocybe ombrophila (Fr.) Konrad & Maubl. 1949


Agrocybe paludosa (J.E. Lange) Kühner & Romagn. ex Bon 1987


Agrocybe pediades (Fr.) Fayod 1889

Common Fieldcap 

Agrocybe praecox (Pers.) Fayod 1889

Spring Fieldcap 

Agrocybe pusiola (Fr.) R. Heim 1934


Agrocybe putaminum (Maire) Singer 1936


Agrocybe rivulosa Nauta 2003


Agrocybe setulosa G. Moreno & Barrasa 1984


Agrocybe smithii Watling & H.E. Bigelow 1983


Agrocybe sphaleromorpha (Bull. ex Pers.) Fayod 1889


Agrocybe splendida Clémençon 1977


Agrocybe tabacina (DC.) Konrad & Maubl. 1949


Agrocybe vervacti (Fr.) Singer 1936


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