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List of Mushrooms

Mushrooms in Recipes (36)

Agaricus arvensis Schaeff. 1774

Horse Mushroom 

Agaricus campestris L. 1753

Field Mushroom  

Agaricus essettei Bon 1983

Abrouptly Bulbous Agaricus 

Agaricus sylvaticus Schaeff. 1833

Bleeding Agaricus 

Agrocybe praecox (Pers.) Fayod 1889

Spring Fieldcap 

Amanita caesarea (Scop.: Fr.) Pers. 1801

Caesars Mushhroom 

Amanita excelsa var. spissa (Fr.) Neville & Poumarat 2004

Stout Stalked Amanita 

Armillaria gallica Marxm. & Romagn. 1987

Bulbous Honey Fungus 

Armillaria mellea (Vahl) P. Kumm. 1871

Honey Fungus 

Armillaria ostoyae (Romagn.) Herink 1973

Dark Honey Fungus 

Armillaria tabescens (Scop.) Emel 1921

Ringless Honey Fungus 

Boletus aereus Bull. 1789

Bronze Bolete 

Boletus edulis Bull. 1782

Penny Bun, King Bolet, Red Tops 

Boletus pinophilus Pilát & Dermek 1973

Pine Bolete 

Boletus reticulatus Schaeff. 1774

Summer Bolete 

Boletus subtomentosus L. 1753

Suede Bolete 

Butyriboletus appendiculatus (Schaeff.) D. Arora & J.L. Frank 2014

Oak Bolete 

Butyriboletus fechtneri (Velen.) D. Arora & J.L. Frank 2014

Pale Bolete 

Butyriboletus regius (Krombh.) D. Arora & J.L. Frank 2014

Royal Bolete 

Cantharellus cibarius Fr. 1821


Cantharellus friesii Welw. & Curr. 1869

Orange Chanterelle 

Cortinarius caperatus (Pers.) Fr. 1838

The Gypsy 

Cortinarius praestans Cordier 1870

Goliath Webcap 

Cyanoboletus pulverulentus (Opat.) Gelardi, Vizzini & Simonini 2014

Blackening Bolete 

Imleria badia (Fr.) Vizzini 2014

Bay Bolete 

Leccinum aurantiacum (Bull.) Gray 1821

Red Capped Scaber Stalk 

Leccinum holopus (Rostk.) Watling 1960

Snow White Bolete 

Leccinum scabrum (Bull.) Gray 1821

Birch Bolete 

Leccinum variicolor Watling 1969

Mottled Bolete 

Leccinum versipelle (Fr.) Snell 1944

Orange Birch Bolete 

Leccinum vulpinum Watling 1961

Foxy Bolete 

Macrolepiota mastoidea (Fr.) Singer 1951

Slender Parasol 

Macrolepiota procera (Scop.) Singer 1948

Parasol Mushroom 

Morchella elata Fr. 1822

Black Morel 

Morchella esculenta (L.) Pers. 1801

Yellow Morel 

Verpa bohemica (Krombh.) J. Schröt. 1893

Wrinkled Thimble Cap 

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