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List of Mushrooms

All Mushrooms (15)

Giorgio Baiano, Fungi non Delineati Pars XII, 2000

Galactinia irina (Quél.) Boud. 1905


Helvella aestivalis (R. Heim & L. Remy) Dissing & Raitv. 1974


Helvella branzeziana Svrcek & J. Moravec 1968


Helvella confusa Harmaja 1977


Microstoma protractum (Fr.) Kanouse 1948

Rosy Goblet 

Peziza acroornata Dougoud & J. Moravec 1995


Peziza brunneoatra Desm. 1836


Peziza coquandii Donadini 1985


Peziza luteoloflavida Svrcek 1976


Peziza maximovicii (Velen.) Svrcek 1976


Peziza merdae Donadini 1978


Peziza phlebospora (Le Gal) Donadini 1980


Peziza pseudovesiculosa Donadini 1978


Peziza saliciphila Svrcek 1976


Spooneromyces helveticus J. Breitenb. & F. Kränzl. 1989


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