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List of Mushrooms

All Mushrooms (133)

M.T. Basso, Fungi Europaei 7 - Lactarius Persoon, 1999

Lactarius acerrimus Britzelm. 1893

Two Spored Milkcap 

Lactarius acris (Bolton) Gray 1821


Lactarius albocarneus Britzelm. 1895


Lactarius alpinus Peck 1875


Lactarius aquizonatus Kytöv. 1984


Lactarius aspideus (Fr.) Fr. 1838


Lactarius atlanticus Bon 1975


Lactarius aurantiacus (Pers.) Gray 1821

Orange Milkcap 

Lactarius auriolla Kytöv. 1984


Lactarius azonites (Bull.) Fr. 1838


Lactarius badiosanguineus Kühner & Romagn. 1954


Lactarius blennius (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Slimy Milkcap 

Lactarius brunneohepaticus M.M. Moser 1978


Lactarius camphoratus (Bull.) Fr. 1838

Curry Scented Milkcap 

Lactarius castanopus Sarnari 1993


Lactarius chrysorrheus Fr. 1838

Yellowdrop Milkcap 

Lactarius circellatus Fr. 1838

Fiery Milkcap 

Lactarius cistophilus Bon & Trimbach 1978


Lactarius citriolens Pouzar 1968


Lactarius clethrophilus Romagn. 1974


Lactarius controversus (Pers.) Pers. 1796


Lactarius cookei Z. Schaef. 1960


Lactarius cupricolor Z. Schaef. 1966


Lactarius cyanopus Basso 1998


Lactarius cyathuliformis Bon 1978


Lactarius decipiens Quél. 1885


Lactarius deliciosus (L.) Gray 1821

Saffron Milkcap 

Lactarius deterrimus Gröger 1968

False Saffron Milkcap 

Lactarius dryadophilus Kühner 1975


Lactarius echinosporus Z. Schaef. 1960


Lactarius evosmus Kühner & Romagn. 1954


Lactarius fascinans (Fr.) Fr. 1838


Lactarius fennoscandicus Verbeken & Vesterh. 1998


Lactarius firmus Pacioni & Lalli 1989


Lactarius flavidus Boud. 1887


Lactarius flexuosus (Pers.) Gray 1821


Lactarius flexuosus var. roseozonatus H. Post 1863


Lactarius fluens Boud. 1899


Lactarius fraxineus Romagn. 1964


Lactarius fuliginosus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Sooty Milkcap 

Lactarius fulvissimus Romagn. 1954

Tawny Milkcap 

Lactarius glyciosmus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Coconut Scented Milkcap 

Lactarius haemorrheus J. Lowe 1888


Lactarius hatsudake Nobuj. Tanaka 1890


Lactarius helvus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Fenugreek Milkcap 

Lactarius hepaticus Plowr. 1905

Liver Milkcap 

Lactarius hradecensis Z. Schaef. 1948


Lactarius hysginoides Korhonen & T. Ulvinen 1985


Lactarius hysginus (Fr.) Fr. 1838


Lactarius ilicis Sarnari 1993


Lactarius illyricus Piltaver 1992


Lactarius indigo (Schwein.) Fr. 1838


Lactarius intermedius (Krombh.) Berk. & Broome 1881


Lactarius lacunarum Romagn. ex Hora 1960


Lactarius lanceolatus O.K. Mill. & Laursen 1973


Lactarius lapponicus Harmaja 1976


Lactarius leonis Kytöv. 1984


Lactarius lepidotus Hesler & A.H. Sm. 1979


Lactarius lignyotus Fr. 1857

Velvet Milkcap 

Lactarius lilacinus (Lasch) Fr. 1838

Lilac Milkcap 

Lactarius luridus (Pers.) Gray 1821

Lurid Milkcap 

Lactarius mairei Malençon 1939

Whiskery Milkcap 

Lactarius mammosus Fr. 1838


Lactarius mediterraneensis Llistos. & Bellù 1996


Lactarius montanus (Hesler & A.H. Sm.) Montoya & Bandala 2003


Lactarius moravicus Z. Schaefer 1979


Lactarius musteus Fr. 1838

Pine Milkcap 

Lactarius nanus J. Favre 1955


Lactarius necator (Bull.) Pers. 1796

Ugly Milkcap 

Lactarius nigroviolascens G.F. Atk. 1918


Lactarius obscuratus (Lasch) Fr. 1838

Alder Milkcap 

Lactarius oedohyphosus Idzerda & Noordel. 1997


Lactarius olivinus Kytöv. 1984


Lactarius omphaliiformis Romagn. 1974


Lactarius pallidus Pers. 1797

Pale Milkcap 

Lactarius payettensis A.H. Sm. 1960


Lactarius pergamenus (Sw.) Fr. 1838


Lactarius picinus Fr. 1838


Lactarius pilatii Z. Schaef. 1968


Lactarius pinastri Romagn. 1980


Lactarius piperatus (L.) Pers. 1797

Peppery Milkcap 

Lactarius porninsis Rolland 1889

Larch Milkcap 

Lactarius pseudouvidus Kühner 1985


Lactarius pterosporus Romagn. 1949


Lactarius pubescens (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Bearded Milkcap 

Lactarius pyrogalus (Bull.) Fr. 1838

Fiery Milkcap 

Lactarius quieticolor Romagn. 1958


Lactarius quietus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Oak Milkcap 

Lactarius repraesentaneus Britzelm. 1885

Yellow Bearded Milkcap 

Lactarius resimus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Rollrim Milkcap 

Lactarius robertianus Bon 1985


Lactarius romagnesii Bon 1979


Lactarius rostratus Heilm.-Claus. 1998


Lactarius rubrocinctus Fr. 1863


Lactarius rufus (Scop.) Fr. 1838

Rufous Milkcap 

Lactarius ruginosus Romagn. 1957


Lactarius salicis-herbaceae Kühner 1975


Lactarius salicis-reticulatae Kühner 1975

Mountain Milkcap 

Lactarius salmonicolor R. Heim & Leclair 1953


Lactarius sanguifluus (Paulet) Fr. 1838

Bloody Milkcap 

Lactarius sanguineovirescens Fillion 1989


Lactarius scoticus Berk. & Broome 1879

Hoary Milkcap 

Lactarius scrobiculatus (Scop.) Fr. 1838


Lactarius semisanguifluus R. Heim & Leclair 1950


Lactarius serifluus (DC.) Fr. 1838

Watery Milkcap 

Lactarius smithii Montoya & Bandala 2004


Lactarius sphagneti (Fr.) Neuhoff 1956


Lactarius spinosulus Quél. & Le Bret. 1880

Lilacscale Milkcap 

Lactarius subcircellatus Kühner 1975


Lactarius subdulcis (Pers.) Gray 1821

Mild Milkcap 

Lactarius subruginosus J. Blum ex Bon 1985


Lactarius subumbonatus Lindgr. 1845


Lactarius syringinus Z. Schaef. 1956


Lactarius tabidus Fr. 1838

Birch Milkcap 

Lactarius terenopus Romagn. 1957


Lactarius tesquorum Malençon 1979


Lactarius torminosulus Knudsen & T. Borgen 1996


Lactarius torminosus (Schaeff.) Gray 1821

Woolly Milkcap 

Lactarius trivialis (Fr.) Fr. 1838


Lactarius tuomikoskii Kytöv. 1984


Lactarius utilis (Weinm.) Fr. 1863


Lactarius uvidus (Fr.) Fr. 1838


Lactarius vellereus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Fleecy Milkcap 

Lactarius vietus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Grey Milkcap 

Lactarius violascens (J. Otto) Fr. 1838


Lactarius volemus (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Fishy Milkcap 

Lactarius zonarioides Kühner & Romagn. 1953


Lactarius zonarius (Bull.) Fr. 1838


Lactifluus bertillonii (Neuhoff ex Z. Schaef.) Verbeken 2011


Lactifluus brunneoviolascens (Bon) Verbeken 2012


Lactifluus glaucescens (Crossl.) Verbeken 2012


Lactifluus luteolus (Peck) Verbeken 2012


Lactifluus rugatus (Kühner & Romagn.) Verbeken 2012


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