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List of Mushrooms

All Mushrooms (28)

Marcel Bon - Pierre Roux, Le genre Gymnopilus P. Karst. en Europe, 2002

Gymnopilus alpinus (Singer) Singer 1951


Gymnopilus bellulus (Peck) Murrill 1917


Gymnopilus corsicus Romagn. 1977


Gymnopilus decipiens (W.G. Sm.) P.D. Orton 1960


Gymnopilus flavus (Bres.) Singer 1951


Gymnopilus fulgens (J. Favre & Maire) Singer 1951


Gymnopilus hispidellus Murrill 1913


Gymnopilus humicola Harding ex Singer 1962


Gymnopilus hybridus (Gillet) Maire 1933


Gymnopilus igniculus Deneyer, P.-A. Moreau & Wuilb. 2002


Gymnopilus josserandii Antonín 2000


Gymnopilus junonius (Fr.) P.D. Orton 1960

Spectacular Rustgill 

Gymnopilus liquiritiae (Pers.) P. Karst. 1879


Gymnopilus luteofolius (Peck) Singer 1951


Gymnopilus odini (Fr.) Bon & P. Roux 2002


Gymnopilus peliolepis (Speg.) Singer 1951


Gymnopilus penetrans (Fr.) Murrill 1912

Common Rustgill 

Gymnopilus picreus (Pers.) P. Karst. 1879


Gymnopilus pseudofulgens Romagn. 1979


Gymnopilus purpuratus (Cooke & Massee) Singer 1955


Gymnopilus sapineus (Fr.) Murrill 1912

Scaly Rustgill 

Gymnopilus satur Kühner 1953


Gymnopilus sordidostipes Hesler 1969


Gymnopilus spadiceus Romagn. 1977


Gymnopilus stabilis (Weinm.) Kühner & Romagnesi 1985


Gymnopilus suberis (Maire) Singer 1951


Gymnopilus subpurpuratus Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán 1991


Phaeolepiota aurea (Matt.) Maire 1928


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