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List of Mushrooms

All Mushrooms (17)

V. Antonin & M. E. Noordeloos, Hemimycena, Delicatula, Fayodia, Gamundia, Myxomphalia, Resinomycena, Rickenella and Xeromphalina in Europe, 2004

Clitocybula abundans (Peck) Pevka 1954


Clitocybula lacerata (Scop.) Métrod 1952


Delicatula integrella (Pers.) Fayod 1889


Gamundia striatula (Kühner) Raithelh. 1983


Hemimycena cucullata (Pers.) Singer 1961


Hemimycena hirsuta (Tode) Singer 1986


Hemimycena lactea (Pers.) Singer 1938

Milky Bonnet 

Hemimycena ochrogaleata (J. Favre) M.M. Moser 1978


Hemimycena pseudocrispula (Kühner) Singer 1943


Hemimycena pseudolactea (Kühner) Singer 1943


Myxomphalia maura (Fr.) Hora 1960

Burn Site Mycena 

Rickenella fibula (Bull.) Raithelh. 1973

Orange Mosscap 

Rickenella swartzii (Fr.) Kuyper 1984

Collared Mosscap 

Xeromphalina campanella (Batsch) Maire 1934

Pinewood Gingertail 

Xeromphalina cauticinalis (Fr.) Kühner & Maire, 934

Pinelitter Gingertail 

Xeromphalina cornui (Quél.) J. Favre 1936


Xeromphalina picta (Fr.) A.H. Sm. 1953


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