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List of Mushrooms

All Mushrooms (50)

Zlatko Ivec, eBook: Gobe 1, Pilze 1, Mushrooms 1, 2012

Abortiporus biennis (Bull.) Singer 1944

Blushing Rosette 

Agaricus arvensis Schaeff. 1774

Horse Mushroom 

Agaricus bohusii Bon 1983


Agaricus essettei Bon 1983

Abrouptly Bulbous Agaricus 

Aleuria aurantia (Pers.) Fuckel 1870

Orange Peel Fungus 

Amanita caesarea (Scop.: Fr.) Pers. 1801

Caesars Mushhroom 

Amanita citrina Pers. 1797

Death Cap 

Amanita muscaria (L.) Lam. 1783

Fly Agaric 

Amanita muscaria var. inzengae Neville & Poumarat 2002

Inzengas Fly Agaric 

Amanita vaginata (Bull.) Lam. 1783


Boletus aereus Bull. 1789

Bronze Bolete 

Boletus pinophilus Pilát & Dermek 1973

Pine Bolete 

Calocera viscosa (Pers.) Fr. 1821

Yellow Tuning Fork 

Cantharellus cibarius Fr. 1821


Clavulina coralloides (L.) J. Schröt. 1888

Crested Coral 

Clitocybe nebularis (Batsch) P. Kumm. 1871

Clouded Agaric 

Conocybe rickenii (Jul. Schäff.) Kühner 1935


Coprinus comatus (O.F. Müll.) Pers. 1797

Shaggy Ink Cap 

Cortinarius alboviolaceus (Pers.) Fr. 1838

Pearly Webcap 

Cortinarius atrovirens Kalchbr. 1874

Olive Webcap 

Cortinarius croceus (Schaeff.) Gray 1821


Cortinarius largus Fr. 1838


Cortinarius purpureus (Bull.) Bidaud, Moënne-Locc. & Reumaux 1994


Cortinarius variicolor (Pers.) Fr. 1838

Contrary Webcap 

Entoloma tibiicystidiatum Arnolds & Noordel. 1979


Fistulina hepatica (Schaeff.) With. 1792

Beefsteak Fungus 

Ganoderma carnosum Pat. 1889


Gyromitra esculenta (Pers.) Fr. 1849

Conifer Morel 

Hebeloma crustuliniforme (Bull.) Quél. 1872

Poison Pie 

Helvella acetabulum (L.) Quél. 1874

Ribbed Stalked Cup 

Helvella macropus (Pers.) P. Karst. 1871

Long Stalked Gray Cup 

Hortiboletus rubellus (Krombh.) Simonini, Vizzini & Gelardi 2015

Ruby Bolete 

Hydnum repandum L. 1753

Hedgehog Fungus 

Hygrophorus eburneus (Bull.) Fr. 1838

Ivory Woodwax 

Laccaria laccata (Scop.) Cooke 1884


Lactarius aurantiacus (Pers.) Gray 1821

Orange Milkcap 

Lactarius deliciosus (L.) Gray 1821

Saffron Milkcap 

Lactarius lignyotus Fr. 1857

Velvet Milkcap 

Leccinum aurantiacum (Bull.) Gray 1821

Red Capped Scaber Stalk 

Leccinum vulpinum Watling 1961

Foxy Bolete 

Lepista irina (Fr.) H.E. Bigelow 1959

False Blewit 

Lyophyllum decastes (Fr.) Singer 1951

Chicken Mushroom 

Morchella esculenta (L.) Pers. 1801

Yellow Morel 

Mycena aurantiomarginata (Fr.) Quél. 1872

Golden Edge Bonnet 

Paxillus involutus (Batsch) Fr. 1838

Brown Roll Rim 

Psathyrella candolleana (Fr.) Maire 1913

Pale Brittlestem 

Rubroboletus dupainii (Boud.) Kuan Zhao & Zhu L. Yang 2014


Russula aquosa Leclair 1932

Red Swamp Brittlegill 

Russula fellea (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Geranium Scented Russula 

Russula vesca Fr. 1836

Bare Toothed Russula 

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