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Exikat: M-00049-21-07-2014

Lactarius subruginosus J. Blum ex Bon 1985


With milk


5 - 15 cm


Simple stem



Spore print

yellowish to ocher




Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Subclass: Agaricomycetideae

Order: Russulales
Family: Russulaceae
Genus: Lactarius

Subgenus: Plinthogalus
Section: Plinthogali

Published in

Fred Kränzlin
Pilze der Schweiz 6, 2005
M.T. Basso
Fungi Europaei 7 - Lactarius Persoon, 1999
61, 684

Scientific name: Lactarius subruginosus J. Blum ex Bon 1985
Synonyms: Index Fungorum 10.07.2013:
Habit of Growth: Mycorrhiza
Protection: Mushroom is not protected

Detailed description

Cap: 3-6 cm across, first flatconvex, later flattened, center little dented, wavy bent, smooth surface, dull, little pruinose, grey to ocher brown, cloudy stained, margin smooth and sharp.
Hymenophore: first white, later ocher to reddish brown, broad, notched, some decurrent, only few forked.
Spore print: ocher
Spore: globose to subglobose, 6,8-9,1 x 6,5-8,5 μm, ornament, with few elongated warts and ribs, which are usually curved, partially branched und only little together connected, but dont form a net.
Stem: 3-7 x 1-2 cm, cylindrical, base often slightly tapered, solid, smooth, white and finely veined, under pressure and when old brownish stained.
Flesh: white, if cut after few minutes pink, odor like coconut, taste mild. Milk: white, unchangeable without flesh contact, mild.
Habitat: mostly gregarious in hardwood and mixed forests, at beech, rarely at other hardwood trees. Rare. Summer-fall.
Edibility: inedible

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