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Cup mushrooms and similarly


5 - 15 cm


Without stem



Spore print

white, whitish, cream




Antrodia xantha (Fr.) Ryvarden 1973


Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Subclass: Agaricomycetideae

Order: Polyporales
Family: Fomitopsidaceae
Genus: Antrodia

Annarosa Bernicchia
Fungi Europaei 10 - Polyporaceae s.l., 2005
Bruno Cetto
I fungi dal vero vol. 6, 1989
Hans E. Laux
Pilzführer, 2001
Ivan in Zora Kavčič
Raziskovanje gliv Posočja, 2011
J.Breitenbach / F. Kränzlin
Pilze der Schweiz 2, 1986
Romano Božac
Enciklopedija GLJIVA 2, 2008
466, 468

Scientific name: Antrodia xantha (Fr.) Ryvarden 1973
Synonyms: Species Fungorum 03.12.2013:
Amyloporia lenis f. stratosa (Pilát) Bondartsev 1953
Amyloporia xantha (Fr.) Bondartsev & Singer 1941
Amyloporia xantha f. pachymeres (J. Erikss.) Domański 1965
Amyloporiella flava A. David & Tortič 1984
Amyloporiella flava f. flava A. David & Tortič 1984
Amyloporiella flava f. stratosa (Pilát) Vlasák 1990
Antrodia xantha f. pachymeres (J. Erikss.) J. Erikss. 1949
Chaetoporellus greschikii (Bres.) Bondartsev & Singer ex Bondartsev 1953
Daedalea xantha (Fr.) A. Roy & A.B. De 1997
Physisporus xanthus (Fr.) P. Karst. 1882
Polyporus flavus P. Karst. 1859
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Habit of Growth: Saprotroph
Protection: Mushroom is not protected

Detailed description

Fruiting body: full resupinate, tightly attached to the substrate, forming patches 1-8 mm thick and several, cm to dm in extent, porose surface, whitish, creamy, light yellow to yellow, on vertical substrate with small, ungulate cups, some of which are concrescent, and which project up to 6 mm, pores are rounded angular, margin is thinning out, white, sterile and without pores, subiculum is scarcely 1 mm thick, creamy and amyloid.
Spore print: white-hyaline
Spore: cylindric, allantoid, 4-5 x 1-1,5 μm
Flesh: if fresh soft, if dry brittle to rather chalky, without odor, taste is bitter.
Habitat: on dead wood of broadleaved trees and conifers, on stumps, also on trunks and branches on the ground, grows from summer to fall.
Edibility: inedible
Remarks: causes carbonizing rots

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