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With milk


Less than 5 cm


Simple stem



Spore print

white, whitish, cream




Lactifluus brunneoviolascens (Bon) Verbeken 2012


Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Subclass: Agaricomycetideae

Order: Russulales
Family: Russulaceae
Genus: Lactarius

Subgenus: Lactifluus
Section: Lactifluus

Fred Kränzlin
Pilze der Schweiz 6, 2005
M.T. Basso
Fungi Europaei 7 - Lactarius Persoon, 1999
Marcel Bon
Pareys Buch der Pilze 1988
R. Courtecuisse & B. Duhem
Mushrooms & Toadstools of Britain & Europe, 1994

Scientific name: Lactifluus brunneoviolascens (Bon) Verbeken 2012
Synonyms: Species Fungorum 19.06.2015:
Lactarius brunneoviolascens Bon 1971
Lactarius luteolus var. brunneoviolascens (Bon) Bon 1992
Habit of Growth: Mycorrhiza
Protection: Mushroom is not protected

Detailed description

Cap: 2-3,5 cm across, young plane convex, later flattened and dented in the center, usually with a hump, smooth surface, when dry matt, when moist shiny and greasy, grey to red brown, with purple tint, slightly concentrically zoned, often spotted, margin incurved and smooth for a long time.
Hymenophore: young white, later pale cream, broad to decurrent, few forked.
Spore print: cream
Spore: broad elliptic, 7,8-10,7 x 6,6-8,3 μm, ornament, with few small warts and ribs, which are morely net like connected.
Stem: 2,5-3,5 x 0,3-0,6 cm, cylindrical to slightly clavate, full, smooth surface, young cream, later violet stained.
Flesh: white, after few minutes violet, odor mild spicy, taste mild. Milk: white, after few minutes violet, mild.
Habitat: solitary to grouped at willow. Spread, but not common. Late summer.
Edibility: inedible
Remarks: similar with Lactarius pseudouvidus, which has also violet milk, but has ocher brown, gray brown or olive cup.

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