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The cap and stalk


5 - 15 cm


Simple stem



Spore print





Hebeloma aestivale Vesterh. 1995


Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Subclass: Agaricomycetideae

Order: Agaricales
Family: Hymenogastraceae
Genus: Hebeloma

Subgenus: Hebeloma
Section: Velutipes

Henning Knudsen & Jan Vesterholt
Funga Nordica 2012
Henry J. Beker, Ursula Eberhardt, Jan Vesterholt
Fungi Europaei 14 - Hebeloma (Fr.) P. Kumm., 2016
77, 351, 977
Jan Vesterholt
The genus HEBELOMA 2005

Scientific name: Hebeloma aestivale Vesterh. 1995
Synonyms: Species Fungorum 01.06.2016:
Hebeloma aestivale J.H. Petersen & Vesterh. 1990
Habit of Growth: Mycorrhiza
Protection: Mushroom is not protected
Trees: Betula (Birch)d0d0d0 , Carpinus (Hornbeam)d1d1d1d1 , Castanea (Chestnut)d2d2 , Corylus (Hazel)d3d3d3 , Fagus (Beech)d4d4d4d4d4 , Quercus (Oak)d5d5 , Tilia (Lime tree)d6d6d6d6

Detailed description

Cap: 1,5-7 cm across, convex, in age expanded, often irregular, viscid to slimy, later dry, from dark pink buff to ocher, clay buff or cinnamon in center, toward the margin dark to pale pink buff.
Hymenophore: lamellae are first clay buff to cinnamon, little to deeply emarginate, medium broad to broad, edge is sometimes uneven, without drops or in wet conditions with minute droplets seen under lens.
Spore print: brown
Spore: broadly amygdaliform to broadly citriform, larger from 2 spored basidia, 10,4-14,1 x 5,5-8,6 μm
Stem: 1,5-9,5 x 0,5-1,5 cm, cylindric, occasionally little tapering downwards, often irregular floccose, white or whitish, not or only little discolouring from the base, sometimes is base with white mycelial threads.
Flesh: white or whitish, solid or hollow, odor is distinct, weak, cocoa or radish like, taste is little radish like to bitter.
Habitat: in basic soil under broadleaved trees, in parks, under oak and beech, grows from summer to fall.
Edibility: inedible

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