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List of Mushrooms

All mushrooms from the group: (30)

Cleistocybe carneogrisea (Malençon) Vizzini 2009


Hygrophorus arbustivus Fr. 1836

Forest Woodwax 

Hygrophorus atramentosus Secr. ex H. Haas & R. Haller Aar. 1978


Hygrophorus barbatulus G. Becker 1954


Hygrophorus calophyllus P. Karst. 1876


Hygrophorus capreolarius (Kalchbr.) Sacc. 1875


Hygrophorus erubescens (Fr.) Fr. 1838

Blotched Woodwax 

Hygrophorus erubescens var. persicolor (Ricek) Bon 1977


Hygrophorus fagi G. Becker & Bon 1974


Hygrophorus karstenii Sacc. & Cub. 1887


Hygrophorus leucophaeo-ilicis Bon & Chevassut 1985


Hygrophorus leucophaeus (Scop.) Fr. 1838


Hygrophorus monticola A.H. Sm. & Hesler 1963


Hygrophorus nemoreus (Pers.) Fr. 1838

Oak Woodwax 

Hygrophorus nemoreus var. gracilis Bon 1989


Hygrophorus pacificus A.H. Sm. & Hesler 1939


Hygrophorus penarius Fr. 1836

Matt Woodwax 

Hygrophorus persicolor Ricek 1974


Hygrophorus piceae Kühner 1949


Hygrophorus pleurotoides J. Favre 1960


Hygrophorus poetarum R. Heim 1948


Hygrophorus pseudodiscoideus (Maire) Malençon & Bertault 1975


Hygrophorus purpurascens (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr. 1838


Hygrophorus purpurascens var. cedretorum R. Maire 1928


Hygrophorus queletii Bres. 1881


Hygrophorus roseophyllus Cetto 1987


Hygrophorus russula (Schaeff.) Kauffman 1918

Pinkmottle Woodwax 

Hygrophorus secretanii Henning 1887


Hygrophorus spodoleucus M.M. Moser 1967


Hygrophorus velutinus I.G. Borshch.


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